Proudly Serving San Bernadino, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties for Repair ? Worldwide for Parts and Salvage

Motorcycle Salvage & Repair in Inland Empire, California

We’re the only source you need for motorcycle repair. Import Cycle of Colton, California, is a motorcycle salvage shop.

We do everything from tune-ups to major motor rebuilds

You name it we fix it; electrical repairs to carburetor boil-outs and more. Whatever the problem, we get your bike up to speed.

Motorcycles are our Specialty

We specialize in welding aluminum, magnesium, titanium & steel. Cylinder boring, resleeving, cylinder head work, our complete on-site machine shop allows us to do almost any service repair on your motorcycle.

The Inland Empires most trusted motorcycle shop since 1992

Besides our repair work, we are a worldwide distributor of new and used motorcycle and ATV parts. If we don’t have your specific part in stock, take advantage of our free locator service. We’ll do whatever it takes to get your motorcycle in shape. We also offer motorcycle repair in Riverside and motorcycle repair in San Bernadino.

If you are buying a used bike and are not sure of what you are getting yourself into, you and the seller can bring it by our shop FREE OF CHARGE and we will look it over and let you know what kind of condition the bike is in . If the seller refuses most likely there is something wrong with the bike and someone may be trying to get over on you.

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Motorcycle Service Repairs and Salvage has the best selection of used motorcycle parts in the salvage industry.

—Tom Rooker- California, USA

These guys are the best in motorcycle service and repair work in San Bernadino.

—Jeff Barne- Florida, USA

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